GreenCoffee Agro-Industry (GCAI) PLC is one of the leading commercial coffee estates in Ethiopia since 1996.

Welcome to GreenCoffee Agro-Industry (GCAI) PLC.

The anthropology of coffee shows that Kaffa was the original home where coffee was first ever discovered after which Arab merchants introduced it to the rest of the world. The English name of the miraculous crop “coffee” is believed to have originated from the name of this place “Kaffa”. Thus Green Coffee Agro Indusrty prides itself not only because of being among the top commercial farms producing the finest Ethiopian Arabica specialty coffee but also as being located in the highlands of Kaffa, the original homeland of coffee at an altitude of 1800-2000 meters above sea level.

More than 80% of GCAI’s coffee is in Q-grade of which 85% is Q1 signifying the top quality of our Estate’s coffee harvest. Although the farm is known for its coffee product which constitutes over 95% of its sales, GCAI also grows a variety of side crops such as, spices, palm trees (for pal oil) and fruits and manage beekeeping andhoney production.

GCAI is among the few leading traceable coffee producing and exporting companies at such a big scale in Ethiopia. To ensure traceability, GCAI uses its own washing, drying, processing and transport facilities from the farms to the to the port of export (Djibouti). All this is done to ensures that the coffee export process is controlled all the way from farm to the ship so our customers in the international market are getting the coffee they asked for.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

  • Mission

    GCAI’s mission is to produce and supply in a big and growing scale Q-grade, traceable and organic Ethiopian specialty coffee to the world’s Arabica coffee-loving markets.

  • Vison

    To be a world class Ethiopian specialty Coffee grower, processor, and exporter of high value added coffee known for its traceable premium and organic quality coffee in the global market.

  • Values

    • High integrity and ethical standards in all our dealings,
    • Commitment to produce and supply high quality products and customer satisfaction;
    • Preserving the flora and fauna and maintaining the ecological balance of the farm environment;
    • Synchronizing the Company’s and the employees’ growth;
    • Continuous learning, improvement and professionalism and employee dignity and self respect;

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