The Company. Our History. Our Milestones.

  • 1996

    Our first farm

    GCAI started its first Coffee Farm business at Woshi in 1996 on 1000 hectares of land in one of the oldest, yet preserved, natural forest heritages (rain forest) of the world.

  • 2011

    Our first Acquisition

    In 2011, GCAI acquired 52% ownership of Teppi Coffee Development Enterprise from the Ethiopian Government and renamed the joint venture Teppi-Green Coffee Estate S.C.


  • 2013

    Another Plantation

    In 2013, GCAI started yet another new Miligawa Coffee Plantation(also in Kaffa) project which currently has 1000 hectars of young and very productive coffee plantation.

  • 2015

    Full Circle

    In 2015, GCAI acquired the remaining 48% of the shares of Teppi-Green Coffee Estate S.C. from the Government and fully owned the farm four times its own size.


  • 2022


    In 2022 GCAI at Woshi farm has 3000 hectares of coffee plantation of which 2000 hectares is planted coffee and 1000 hectares natural forest (wild) coffee.

More than 80% of GCAI’s coffee is in Q-grade of which 85% is Q1 signifying the top quality of our Estate’s coffee harvest. Although the farm is known for its coffee product which constitutes over 95% of its sales, GCAI also grows a variety of side crops such as, spices, palm trees (for pal oil) and fruits and manage beekeeping and honey production.

Our Projects

Beer Company

Momona Beer. Civil work completed and machinery incoming

Hotel Services and resort services

Five star Hilton International Hotel Project both located in the second biggest city of the country, Mekele.

Honey Production

Our beekeeping and honey production business is dedicated to producing high-quality honey and related products that are naturally sourced and sustainable. We specialize in the cultivation of healthy and robust honeybee colonies, in order to produce delicious honey products that are free from chemicals, additives, or preservatives.

Meet the team

Mr. Tadele Abraha

Mr. Tadele Abraha

Founder | Owner | Managing Director

GreenCoffee Agroindustry is a family business established by Mr. Tadele Abraha and his family in 1996 and remains 100% owned by the family to date

Mr. Teka G/Kidan

Mr. Teka G/Kidan

General Manager
Mr. Ayele Oluma

Mr. Ayele Oluma

Director of Agriculture
Mr. Getachew G/Mariam

Mr. Getachew G/Mariam

General Manager(Teppi Green Coffee Estate S.C)
Mr. Tadele Deme

Mr. Tadele Deme

Director of Marketing
Mr. Endalkachew Haddis

Mr. Endalkachew Haddis

Director of Finance